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Online Sweet Shop Party Bags

At The Sweetie Stop we pride ourselves on great value for money and quality of service. We have a vast selection of suppliers to ensure the best quality and choice of confectionery. Whether it be Belgian Chocolates or Handmade traditional sweets. We have a plethora of suppliers at our finger tips, so if your budget is £1 or £100 we can help – no budget is too small.

Let us know what you would like and we will do the rest. We can provide any party bag to suit your needs.

Party Bags are the perfect way to round off your children's party.  Their friends and family will sing your praises when they see the array of sweet treats in the bags.

We can also provide themed bags which are a perfect treat for that day to remember no matter how young or old. 

A party bag stuffed full of retro sweets will spark off many a long conversation at any adult party too.

Why not give it a try and make an inquiry, please contact us 

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